What’s in a name?

Why did I name this blog jan.ie?  Short answer is because I could.  The Irish domain registry is very strict about handing  out the .ie top-level domain.  However, I presented my application for jan.ie and they approved it.  Now I have it, I am making good use of it.  It may evolve into a business, we’ll see…


Welcome to Jan.ie

Why Blog?

This is one of my first blog posts for jan.ie and will more than likely end up in my ‘About’ section. This is where I am today and this blog will change and adapt over time.

I an blogging for a few reasons. First is, I want to be a blogger, I want to write, I want stop talking about it and just start. I am regularly asked for advice about education technology, digital marketing and social media. I can organise these queries into blog posts and share them with my network. I am a teacher working at VTOS Navan and one of the subjects I teach is Digital Marketing which includes blogging. I want to ‘walk the walk’ so I will use this blog as a teaching tool. Many of my blog post will be used in class too.

My tag line is Social – Digital – Educational and will be the main blog topics. Social Media, Digital Marketing, Education Technology and Lifelong Learning.

By this time next year, I wish to have a successful blog and have connected with other bloggers.  People reading my blog will have learned about the blog topics.

I am working through The Daily Post’s Zero to Hero blogging assignments and will adapt it for my own blogging group.